Agenda for 2022 Free Golf Clinics at Mt. Massive:

May 26th: Grip, Stance and setup while chipping. Range, 50% Swing Mechanics

June 2nd: Chipping review, Putting and pitching at 50 yards, full iron swing video

June 9th: Chipping, Putting and Hybrid swing mechanics at Range with video

June 16th: Sorry, no clinic

June 23rd: Warm up before play: range and practice green, plus driver swing with video

June 30th: Putting at varying distances plus sand game and full swing mechanics

July 7th: Wedge game and fairway wood vs hybrid

July 14th: Driving vs fairway woods

July 21st: Wedges vs mid-irons

July 28th: Difficult shots and range work

Aug 4th: Play two holes after warming up with video

Aug 11th: Last Clinic! Review mechanics and video swings