Thank you for playing America’s Highest!
This page last updated May 15, 2020

Please be aware of and follow our Covid protocols. We sincerely appreciate your patronage and your partnership in helping us provide the safest environment possible.

Not following the protocols may result in removal from the premises.

Before you come out

Advance reservations are required. We cannot allow walk ups. Tee times may be reserved 24/7 up to 7 days in advance online, or by phone during operating hours. You may also request a tee time by voice message or email ( Please follow up to confirm if we do not respond promptly.

While at MMGC

Monitoring and directing the flow of play and players on and off the course are crucial to mitigating safety concerns and following protocols. We appreciate your cooperative efforts and understanding. Thank you!

Tee times have increased from 8 minute intervals to 15 minute intervals to minimize close group to group interaction. Please arrive at MMGC no more than 15 minutes before your tee time. Please call from the parking lot to check-in. (You might want to add MMGC, 719-486-2176, to your favorites 😉

Patrons must wear face masks except when only in the company of members of their own household and when more than 12 feet from persons not in their household.

Practice common social/physical distancing by maintaining at least six foot distancing from persons not in your household.

Around the Clubhouse

Wear face masks and follow directional signage while in the Clubhouse area.

Please avoid touching common and frequently used surfaces.

Exterior doors are propped open during business hours except during inclement weather. Restroom doors are propped open except when the restroom is in use. When doors are closed, closure mechanisms are not in use, so doors may be opened and closed without touching the doorknob.

The 2 clubhouse restrooms are unisex. Only one person may occupy either restroom at any given time. Portable toilets on the course may be closed.

Food and beverage may be ordered on line, by phone or in-person. Food and beverage may be taken off-premises, consumed during play, or immediately before or after play in the same vehicle used by patrons for transport to and from MMGC. Food and beverage cannot be consumed in and around the clubhouse or other common areas at this time.

Payment on-site will be by plastic card utilizing a swipe device. Cash or checks may not be accepted. Payment for some products may be made off-site through the online store when making reservations.

Equipment, and ‘on the Course’

Commonly touched surfaces of rental equipment will be cleaned and disinfected by staff after each use. No more than one person will occupy a rental cart. An exception will be made to allow two persons from the same household to occupy a rental cart.

There are no ballwashers, tee towels, or other typical common tee area features or water containers on the golf course. Please do not touch flagsticks; they remain in the cup at all times. Cups have been inverted so that only the bottom half of the ball comes to rest in the cup, so that the ball may be removed by tapping with a club or with two fingers and contact with the cup or flagstick is not needed.

There are no bunker rakes. Please do what you can to smooth sand with your shoes after playing out of bunkers. Leave your shoes on your feet to do that 😉

Please be aware that portable toilets on the course may be closed.