MMGC Annual Member Meeting 

Sept 30, 2021, 6 PM 


Current Board of Directors:

Betsy Kalmeyer, President

Mike O’Leary, Vice President

Cheryl Johnson, Secretary

Tracey Lauritzen, Treasurer

Kevin Dycus

Dan Houtchens

Kerry McNair

Sarah Mudge, Lake County Commissioner representative

5PM – Dinner

6 PM: Welcome

  • Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting minutes •
  • State of MMGC
  • Staff Recognition
  • Board of Directors vacancies/applications •
  • Member Q & A

MMGC Annual Meeting Minutes 

October 14, 2020 


5:35: Call to Order

5:35 – 5:40 Welcome, Meeting Protocol, and Board Introductions • Mute microphones unless talking

  • During discussion – post questions in chat box or raise hand to be called on 5:40 – 5:50 Golf Course Accomplishments

5:50 – 6:00 Financial Report

6:00 – 6:10 Board Accomplishments

6:10 – 6:15 Volunteer List

6:15 – 6:30 Questions/Comments

MMGC Board of Directors 

Betsy Kalmeyer – President

Mike O’Leary – Vice President

Cheryl Johnson – Secretary

Tracey Lauritzen – Treasurer

Kevin Dycus

Dan Houtchens

Bob Tait

Members present in addition to Board:

Sue and Frank Walker

Tom & Patty Wrenholt

Jim McEachern

Kerry McNair

Golf Course Accomplishments 

  • 25% increase in revenue over 2019 while holding most operating expenses at 2018/19 levels, resulting in  significantly improved financial condition for MMGC 

✔ Established and followed Covid protocol according to CDPHE, LCPHA and golf industry standards &  guidelines. This allowed us to open as scheduled while protecting staff and patrons. There have been  zero infections among staff or noted among patrons. Did not open clubhouse grill for full service due to  staffing unavailability; when balanced against health concerns this was more a plus than minus, though  it did affect overall revenue.

✔ Adapted to the sudden death of a staff member in the early season

✔ Increased security in cooperation with USFS / LCG / Rec Dep’t by obtaining authority to close Kendrick  Park to random vehicle traffic and installing remote cameras

✔ Identified and treated for two outbreaks of significant turf diseases in-season

✔ Improved golf course conditioning by adding a 2nd full time groundskeeper

✔ Replaced structural roof components on several outbuildings in advance of painting project

✔ Obtained approval of annual irrigation plan under increasingly restrictive use and approval criteria

✔ Obtained waiver of irrigation water lease fees from LCG for 2019 water use

✔ Obtained 25K in funds for wages through PPP program

✔ Repaired or replaced ~ 30 sprinkler heads

✔ Adapted irrigation practices to accommodate sustained drought without notable adverse effect on turf,  while closely monitoring allocation vs. use to remain within plan parameters

✔ Worked closely with accounting firm to utilize an on-line bookkeeping/accounting program

✔ Applied for EIDL loan (in process) to provide capital and debt relief

✔ Demolished a storage shed that had not been used for many years and had begun to collapse

✔ Began rebuild of #4 tee complex (needs final grade and sod)

✔ Mitigated insurance issues related to winter activities to allow those activities to continue and avoid  lapse in MMGC’s required coverage

✔ Performed repair and preventive maintenance activities on all grounds equipment; was able to return  some ‘de-activated’ equipment to service

✔ Purchased an additional work vehicle for maintenance activities

✔ De-installed FootGolf course

✔ Maintained frequent communication via email with member and guest database in order to bolster  player confidence in ‘safer outdoors’. Frequently updated website home page to enhance this effort.

✔ Remained active as LLCEDC Board member and as volunteer with SBDC

Financial Report 

Board Accomplishments 

  • Painted Clubhouse
  • Painted Outbuildings
  • Repaired and painted #2 tower
  • Painted signposts
  • Painted benches
  • Built, painted and installed yardage markers • Removed footgolf
  • By-laws updates
  • Etiquette rule signs for course
  • Voted no dogs on course for safety and liability  reasons
  • Added comment cards
  • Cross country ski agreements
  • Youth clinics
  • Tournaments

Volunteer Opportunities 

Board “TO Do” List 

  • EIDL
  • Ranger/ambassador program
  • Entrance sign
  • Board corner emails
  • Irrigation loan at a better rate
  • Insurance shopping
  • Board Procedure Manual
  • Update golf course Operations Manual, create  employee and Board Operations Handbooks
  • County block ditch road and camping areas near  #3
  • No trespassing signs
  • SBA/PPP loan repayment
  • Security lights
  • Security cameras
  • Water fee/lease payment schedule to County • School District – students/gym class to MMGC • AED
  • Lightening siren
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission/Vision review
  • Tournaments and league and social golf – ongoing • New signage in carts about etiquette and rules • Clubhouse entry clean beds, paint 4x4s, plant  flowers/shrubs, install drip system
  • Spread dirt piles from gophers
  • Adopt a tee, wkly cleanup, divot, ball washer, etc.  • New tee blocks
  • Broken tee holders
  • Ranger/Ambassador program
  • Paint and stain maintenance/storage bldgs

Questions – Comments 

Q (Tom Wrenholt): Cost for gopher mitigation

A (Craig): about $3-4,000

Discussion: Range improvements

Significant increase in range income 2020 over 2019

  • Pump Station paint interior
  • Driving range: clean-up, brush hog, T-carpets,  yardage markers, targets
  • Uncover valve boxes (~120), find and flag • Boneyard cleanup
  • Grass/sand mix for tee boxes, golf carts • Fix up waste bunker on #9
  • Fix perimeter wire rope (along CR 5) • Rack card distribution

Take out shrubs, add in large metal bins with targets, upgrade tee-off pads

MOUNT MASSIVE GOLF CLUB, Leadville, Colorado 


The Mount Massive Golf Club (MMGC) is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the game of golf as a  recreational competitive and social activity for all persons to enjoy at reasonable cost. The MMGC recognizes and  promotes its position as a benefactor to the Lake County community as an economic, civic and recreational  resource. As such, the MMGC is resolved to continually maintain and improve the facilities it operates and to act  and perform in a manner that enhances its position as a viable and valuable presence in the Lake County  community.


In the future, MMGC will be a golf venue with a practice and learning facility. It will provide reasonably priced  mountain golf to tourists, regional golfers and Lake County residents. The course will provide cross country ski  opportunities during winter months. Rather than using financial vehicles such as intensive residential real estate  development to bring this vision to reality, MMGC will maintain, celebrate and capitalize on the unique, unspoiled natural setting that it enjoys today.



The following articles only pertain to golf operations and memberships.


The principal office of MMGC shall be located in Lake County, Colorado. The registered office of the MMGC required by the Statutes of the State of Colorado may be designated and changed from time to time by the Board  of Directors.


  1. There shall be no shareholders; therefore, no person can obtain a proprietary interest in the assets of MMGC by virtue of membership.
  2. Membership shall be open to all persons regardless of race, sex, age, creed or national origin. 3. Membership shall be divided into the following categories:
  3. Regular Membership
  4. Honorary membership
  5. Shall be elected by a vote of 2/3 (two thirds) of the active membership present at the annual  meeting of MMGC or at a special meeting of the membership called for that purpose.
  6. Termination of membership will be at the close of each calendar year for which it has been granted. a. Honorary memberships may be terminated by a vote of 2/3 (two thirds) of the active membership  –

present at any annual meeting or special meeting of MMGC called for that purpose.

  1. The board of directors will review the suspension of playing privileges of any member by the staff of  MMGC. Members will be notified of such a suspension and a hearing by registered mail. c. Memberships may be terminated or reinstated following a meeting, before at least three members of  the Board of Directors, allowing the member to defend his/her case.

1This revision of the Mount Massive Golf Club Corporate By-Laws was completed August 26, 2020 by the Board of  Directors and approved by membership on September 30, 2020. It contains all known and documented  amendments to the original By-Laws of MMGC which were drafted and adopted June 24, 1976 and most recently  revised and approved Dec 15, 2019. 

Revised Mt Massive Golf Club By-Laws Approved 9.30.20 Page 1 of

  1. The purpose of the Annual Membership Meeting is to inform members of the current status of MMGC, the  accomplishments of the Board, to solicit input, and to approve proposed changes to the By-Laws. a. The Annual and all special meetings of the membership shall be held at a place, whether in person or  virtual, designated by the Directors and identified in the call for the meeting.
  2. Written Notice of the Annual Meeting Agenda shall be given by email to the members, not less than  15 days before the Annual Meeting and delivered to members at the email addresses carried on the  MMGC records.
  3. For the purpose of determining who shall be entitled to vote at any meeting, the membership list of  MMGC shall be closed 15 days before the meeting. A membership list shall be prepared and made  available on request to all members at all meetings of the membership.
  4. Ten members present whether in person or online shall constitute a quorum at the Annual Meeting. e. No proxies shall be recognized, and cumulative voting shall not be allowed.
  5. Each member shall be entitled to cast one vote for each motion.


  1. The business and affairs of MMGC shall be managed by its Board of Directors.
  2. The number of Directors of MMGC shall be seven, whose terms of office shall be three years or until their  successors are elected and qualified. Directors may serve consecutive terms by affirmation vote of a majority  of the remaining directors.
  3. Four Directors at special or regular board meetings shall constitute a quorum and act as the majority of the  Directors.
  4. New board members shall apply and be elected by a majority of the Board of Directors. 5. A minimum of five Directors shall be members prior to their election to the Board of Directors. No more than  two Directors may be non-members.
  5. A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held in addition to the annual meeting of the members.  The Board of Directors may provide by Resolution the time and place of holding other regular meetings to be  held without other Notice than said Resolution.
  6. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called at the request of the President or any two Directors. 8. Notice of any Special meeting of the Board of Directors shall be given by a least 5 days’ notice, unless an  emergency situation arises, and be delivered by email or personally.
  7. Any vacancy occurring on the Board of Directors prior to their term expiring may be filled by completing the  application process and affirmation vote of a majority of the remaining Directors. The new member shall complete the term of the board member that is being replaced.
  8. The Board shall have the duty to remove any Director that is neglectful in the discharge of his/her duties, that  engages in acts or makes statements that are detrimental, damaging or otherwise injurious to the Club,  operations or property. Said Director is to be removed by a vote of no less than 5 of the 7 members of the  Board.


  1. The officers of MMGC shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall hold office  for one year and shall be elected by the Board of Directors annually.
  2. Any officer may be removed from office by a vote of the majority of the Board of Directors. 3. A vacancy in any office shall be filled by another member of the Board of Directors for the remaining  unexpired term by majority vote.
  3. The President shall be the principal executive officer of MMGC and, subject to the control of the Board of

Revised Mt Massive Golf Club By-Laws Approved 9.30.20 Page 2 of

Directors, shall in general supervise and control all business affairs of MMGC. The President shall preside at all  meetings of the members or Board of Directors. The President shall perform other duties as designated by the  Board of Directors.

  1. The Vice President shall act in the absence, disability or the refusal by the President and shall do such other  acts as designated by the President or the Board of Directors.
  2. The Secretary shall keep the minutes and records of MMGC.
  3. The Treasurer shall review financial records, summarize and interpret them for the Board, and help with any  audit or budget items deemed needed by the Board of Directors.
  4. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the general administration of all meetings of MMGC.


  1. Committees must include at least one Board Director; club members should be encouraged to participate in  committee work.
  2. The Competition Committee shall plan and schedule leagues and all open competition at MMGC. 3. Ad-Hoc committees may be established at the recommendation of the Board of Directors.


  1. The Board of Directors shall act in a manner consistent with the MMGC Mission and Vision Statements. 2. There shall be no dividends and no officer or Director shall receive personal remuneration for serving on the  Board of Directors. Board members shall not be current employees of MMGC.
  2. The Board of Directors and all staff shall comply with the Conflict of Interest Statement.


The By-laws may be altered, amended or reputed from time to time by the membership during the Annual  Meeting or by electronic voting methods.


MMGC shall indemnify and pay expenses actually and necessarily incurred on behalf of any Director, Officer,  employee or agent of MMGC in the defense of any threatened, pending or completed action, suit, or proceeding,  whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigated by reason of the fact that they are or were serving at the  request of MMGC as a Director, Officer, employee or agent if they conducted themselves in good faith and in a  manner they reasonably believed to be in or not opposed to the best interest of MMGC, and in the case of any  criminal proceeding, they had no reasonable cause to believe their conduct was unlawful. The termination of any  proceeding by judgement, order, settlement, or conviction, upon a plea of nolo contender or its equivalent, is not  of itself determinative that the individual did not meet the standard of conduct set forth above. Indemnification will be based upon the reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the legal proceeding. MMGC’s duty to  indemnification shall be reduced to the extent of any insurance coverage. This article shall not be construed to  limit a Director’s, Officer’s, employee’s or agent’s right to indemnification as otherwise provided by the law.

Revised Mt Massive Golf Club By-Laws Approved 9.30.20 Page 3 of